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The IRS is auditing marijuana dispensaries in California, and advocates have called for a change in federal laws.

The sale of medical marijuana is legal under state law, but illegal under federal law, and cannabis collectives say there is a problem because of the way they are being treated by the IRS.

Tax code 280-E does not allow drug trafficking organizations to deduct business expenses.

“If 280-E were applied strictly, we would not be allowed to deduct our rent, our payroll or any of the other normal and usual expenses that other businesses deduct,” said Steve DeAngelo, Harborside Health Center.

Attorney Henry Wykowski is representing various dispensaries that are being audited, and he said 280-E was created in the 80s to go after drug lords, and it should be updated.

“What the California dispensaries are engaged in is not trafficking,” Wykowski said. “They’re engaged in a legal activity that benefits their patients.”

Several members of congress have drafted a letter to the IRS, asking it to allow dispensaries to deduct business expenses and not treat the organizations as drug traffickers.

“I hope that what’s going on is that the IRS is making a good faith attempt to understand our industry and to tax us like any other businesses would be taxed,” DeAngelo said. “And I’m in support of that. We want to pay our fair share of taxes.” Read the full story on THC Finder

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WeedTRACKER The best medical marijuana clubs are signed up for this site and they post their deals and online only specials frequently.

WeedTRACKER, is a large medical cannabis community online (club, collective and dispensary reviews, menus and discussion etc). They have everything the medical cannabis patient and user needs to be more educated about what medical cannabis is available at cannabis clubs, collectives and dispensaries in Alaska (AK) California (CA) Colorado (CO) Montana (MT) New Mexico (NM) Nevada (NV) Washington (WA) New Jersey (NJ) Arizona (AZ) Oregon (OR) Hawaii (HI) Rhode Island (RI) Maine (ME) Vermont (VT) and Michigan (MI). The community has a large collection of cannabis club, collective and dispensaries reviews by real patients and medical cannabis users. With a basis on forum discussion, the site acts as a bridge of communication between caregivers and patients. Our community is based on the exchange of information and opinions between all valid Medical Marijuana patients in the current 14 MMJ states.

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Weed Maps Find a legal marijauna dispenser near you!

WeedMaps is a community where medical marijuana patients connect with other patients in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors and delivery services!

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420 Friendly Rentals, Dispenseries, Employment, services, Delivery

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Downtown Collective in LA
Downtown Collective is the best medical marijuana collective in the world period IMHO. DTC has low prices and generous deals ALWAYS with discounts for all collective members and you can buy a gram of hash that is inexpensive and get another gram for half off! They have 5 gram eighths all day for different strains every week. The best strains are available in all forms of Cannabis except for amber glass and hash oil. Budtenders are very helpful and you can ask them a quick question in their busy day. You must have a California ID and Original Medical Recommendation with you at all times. Bring the full paperwork and not just the card the first time if you have it. Be ready to be metal detected by taking everything out of your pocket for the security guard. They have such good prices that there is almost always a long ass line there so expect to wait but it’s worth it. Parking is limited. The neighboring businesses will tow if you park in the wrong place so make sure you know it’s ok to park there. Ask someone.
Downtown Collective-1600 South Hill St., Unit D, Los Angeles, Ca., 90015 Phone: (213) 746-5420 Hours: 11a to 8p, 7 days | Downtown Collective (DTC) – WeedTRACKER (must login)

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